What are the best Womens Lacrosse Sticks

Girl’s lacrosse sticks are all developed with many different factors in your mind. Beginners sticks are all developed together with the fundamentals in your mind; scooping, throwing, and catching, while innovative sticks are developed together with all the positional lacrosse player in your mind. During your search to obtain the ideal rod for you, we would like you to keep a number of those points in mind.

The very best and most elite rods, of course, include a heftier price tag, but frequently for a great reason. Elite sticks are intended to survive seasons, rather than simply a month or two. The very best women’s lacrosse sticks provide the most creativity in regards to sidewall style, pocket depth, and channeling. Not every elite women’s lacrosse stick is going to be as pricey as the following, and it certainly depends on the manufacturer.

Your ill should reflect your skill. If you’re only starting the game, a more innovative pole probably will not be the perfect selection for you. Beginners perform nicely with intermediate or beginner women lacrosse sticks, providing them the very best tool to learn about the fundamentals while still being a hazard in the area. Vice versa, innovative players are much better off using more elite women’s lacrosse sticks, since they’re made to provide the ball handler more sense and faster releases on moves and shots.

Best women lacrosse sticks, according to position

Start looking for sticks with slight bend across the top half of their mind to permit for controlled moves, quick releases, and rapid shots. The top women’s lacrosse heads for midfielders possess a broader neck station to obviously carry the ball at the center to the peak of the pocket. If you are an offensive midfielder, a pinched mind will provide you more sense with all the ball and maintain it nestled the pocket if you become checked.

All assault women lacrosse sticks are all created with scoring goals in your mind. Maximum offset from rotating to scoop allows for management through double teams and adhere checks for a decrease side pocket and rail. A pinched head retains the ball based on the mind and provides hands through dodges and fakes but nevertheless allows for a fast grab and release. Complex methods of stringing in attacker’s sticks utilize brightly sidewall holes to permit for pocket motion so the ball goes with you and your cradle rather than wobbling inside the mind.

Try to find women lax rod that are stiffness throughout the mind when offering a flattened or lost scoop to permit maximum ground ball pickups. Women’s lacrosse heads directed toward rigorous defenders have reduced flex points and sidewalls to permit for optimum pocket depths to boost control when taking the ball. Although you always have the option to restoring a stick for your liking, so many defensive women lacrosse heads include a gripper pocket that allows for much more ball control during an assortment of seasons. Wider women’s lacrosse heads contain more surface area that raises a defenders possibility of knocking down shots and moves at the 8 meter.

1.STX Crux 500 Women’s Lacrosse Stick

The STX Crux 500 might be the absolute best potential women’s lacrosse stick you’ll be able to buy for the innovative laxers. It may be seen being used by the best women’s players from the nation in schools and universities in addition to the U.S. Women’s National Team.
The Crux 500 is designed with 10 degrees to offset rail, therefore shots and moves get more whip and precision, something the innovative attacker and midfielder need. The minimum sidewall development and cancel head permit the ball to sit into the pocket, allowing control and bend when cradling. But for those women’s lacrosse players seeking to actually their game up, that is the stick you’ve got to have.

2.STX Crux 300 Women’s Lacrosse Stick

The center model from the Crux show, the STX Crux 300 offers a number of the perks associated with the STX Crux 500, with no $200 price tag. It will have the minimum sidewall along with the offset railroad technology to permit a deeper pocket and bend purpose for shooting and ball control.
The STX Crux 300 is a tiny bit wider than the Crux 500, making it the better option for the more intermediate participant instead of the advanced. The Crux 300 still gets the enlarged scoop and flex for superior ground ball pickups. The purchase price for your STX Crux 300 women’s lacrosse stick is more affordable than the 500 at just over $130.

3.STX Exult 300 Girls Lacrosse Stick

The STX Exult 100 women’s lacrosse stick is newer to the typical lineup, but women’s lacrosse players are asserting they adore these recently designed STX lacrosse sticks. STX prides itself lasting longevity of rods, making no-tear high strings and hefty pocket structure to last for several years.

The middle station itself has grips which bend around the ball when it is on your rod, developing a close bond between the middle of the pole and the ball. This permits the midfielder and attacker to sense that the ball, when dodging and yanking back to take, realizing the ball, is where they need it every moment.

4.STX Fortress 300 Women’s Lacrosse Stick

The STX Fortress is a lockdown defensive women’s lacrosse stick. The head is made to be rigid to knock down moves and move right through ground balls at the defensive zone without bending. The elongated pole face allows the guardian to get more electricity on socket moves, and the enlarged headset allows more surface area to check.

The pocket was created for the ball carrier to be in a position to carry and clean the ball, making a distinctive bend point at the center strings so the ball could be sensed when cradling. The very best selection of elite defenders at around $120 with this particular women’s lacrosse stick.

What are the factors for choosing the best lacrosse stick?

The lacrosse is a casual game which makes many people start playing it without any issues. The sport which is famous for tackling the ball with the help of lacrosse sticks is driving many people crazily forward to play this game. It is played both as indoor and outdoor game which helps people to start playing it more actively. The lacrosse sticks are essential to play a perfect game without any issues.

Types of games

There are four types of games in lacrosse which are specified below

  • Men’s field lacrosse
  • Women’s field lacrosse
  • Box lacrosse
  • Intercrosse

These are the four types of games which are used in lacrosse. Most of the people love to play their set of games. One of the basic equipment for playing this game is lacrosse sticks. Finding the best lacrosse sticks is not a hard part. Most of the women’s game will not allow body contact, but they are allowed for stick contacts. It is essential for people to know about the stick before buying the right one. Here are some of the tips which are far useful for buying the stick.

The head of the stick must be wide enough to catch the ball.

The narrow channel helps to handle the ball so easily.

For all these reasons and beyond these reasons, lacrosse sticks are used. Since the game has got four different options. There are four types of lacrosse sticks for people.

Parts of a lacrosse stick

The stick has got three main parts which help the player to pass the ball or get points. The three parts are

  • Loosely woven
  • Hardwood or aluminum handle
  • Head of the stick

These are the important parts of the stick. A well-versed player will surely know how to handle the stick to pass the ball or take it to a positive approach. The sticks differ from one people to another. Everybody has got their style of handling the sticks which are better for them. Beginners should be given a lightweight stick which can be easy to handle, and midfielders will be performing in a fast mode where there are in need of proper sticks which are strong and hard to pass the ball quickly. The defenders must have sticks with deep heads to stop the ball from getting into the other side of the team. Goalies sticks are usually bigger than any others because they are the ones who stop the unstoppable balls. The goalie’s sticks are constructed in a natural form of high width and holding just to catch the ball more easily. 

Men’s lacrosse stick

The width of the lacrosse stick which is used by men is about 4 to 10 inches based on their ILF regulations. The lacrosse can be wide up to 6.5 inches to 10 inches according to NCAA and US Lacrosse rules. Goalies can use wooden lacrosse sticks which are up to the width of 15 inches. The goalie needs to catch the ball on right time, so he has given much eligibility for catching the ball.

Women’s lacrosse stick

The women’s usages of lacrosse stick are entirely different from men’s. The width of the women’s lacrosse must have a width of 7 to 9 inches. The goalie in lacrosse can use up to 12 inches wide women’s lacrosse sticks.

These are some of the differences between men’s lacrosse sticks and girl’s lacrosse sticks which are fixed by the US standards and ILF regulations. Each player who is playing this game needs to follow this without any blocks. It is a rule to buy lacrosse sticks with such kind of width capacities.

Where to buy?

Most of the people get confused for buying the best lacrosse sticks in their towns. The chances for best ones in towns are little rare, and for those people, it is very easy to purchase any stick in an online platform. The online platform is considered as one of the best platforms for buying lacrosse sticks at flexible sizes. The online arena has got perfect shafts for getting the balls on the right path, and even colors and brands are available in online.

There are chances for on-time deliveries with the help of online platform. It is very meek and reliable to purchase with the help of online platform where many of the professional people are purchasing their lacrosse sticks. The sticks which are purchased or sold in online are of

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic

These two are the basic elements for making a perfect lacrosse stick. The people are implementing some of the mental mixtures to deliver light weight sticks which are far lighter than titanium shafts. They have got a quality handle and improved stick convenience for handling which will not break easily. Some of the colors which are available in online platform are:

  • Orange
  • Red
  • Green
  • White
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Royal blue
  • Forest green
  • Neon green
  • Carolina Blue
  • Navy blue
  • Kelly green

These are just some of the colors which are available in online. People can try out any of their favorite colors to pass the ball correctly.


When it comes to buying balls at the right website we are cautious about what would be the price of different types of lacrosse sticks which are handled by many people. The lacrosse sticks which are available in online are cost effective, and players can choose the right sticks based on the costs. Even wooden sticks are available at a minimum to moderate prices on some seasonal times. It is vital for a player to keep a regular check on the website regarding the new arrivals of sticks and what are the new fashions in it.

These are some of the ideas which people need to consider before getting the best lacrosse stick. Purchasing the right stick can help to pass the ball in a random manner which will help to score points in a short span of time. Get the right stick and enrich the team spirit in lacrosse!

Lacrosse Shaft, Stick, Handle: Blackfeet Solid Ash Wood Attack FEATHERWEIGHT – Horse Blanket (black cherry) …


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  • Color is Black Cherry with Maple butend
  • Solid Ash Wood Featherweight 8.2 – 8.7 ounces, best for High School boys and all women.

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Nature Boy Lacrosse Mini Stick KrakeN on Shorty Shaft Pita Pocket Neon Orange / Grey / Black bundled with 1 Performall Sports Drawstring Bag


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  • Hand made from the best mountain ash we could find
  • Lightweight shaft with a urethane coating
  • Great for Games and Practice | Great for experienced players and youth players
  • Shaft installation guide and screw included with every lacrosse stick
  • Bonus Guide for the Elite Lacrosse Player Included

Brand: Beaver LAX

Price: $37.99