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Well, not much has changed. And despite some tweaks to length and texture, nor have the styles. What looked good on Roman emperors still has the potential to flatter a modern mug.

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For centuries black communities around the world have created hairstyles that are uniquely their own. These hairstyles span all the way back to the ancient world and continue to weave their way through the social, political and cultural conversations surrounding black identity today. From box braids to dreadlocks and afro shape-ups, many of the most iconic black hairstyles can be found in drawings, engravings and hieroglyphs from Ancient Egypt.

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The s were a time of dramatic change for not only men's hairstyles, but also for men's facial hairstyles. The hippie culture, which favored longer, less tame hair, also influenced facial hair. As a result, as the decade progressed, facial hair became longer and a wider variety of styles became acceptable.

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Popular in the s, as the name suggests, greaser hairstyle involves a lot of hair products to give your hair a sexy wet look. Impressed much? Well, what is more interesting is that this particular trend has inspired the modern slick, pompadour and the quiff. As a matter of fact, the evolution of the greaser has gone from mostly oil-based hair products to using products that give the water-based shine the wanting to touch type.

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It's clear that hair plays an important role in popular culture. Hair trends help to define each new generation and separate it from the one that came before. The s saw drastic changes in hair styles as teenagers and young adults strove to break free of the previous, more conservative, World War II era.

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From 'hipster' beards to waxed moustaches, facial hair seems to have enjoyed a remarkable resurgence in popularity in Britain in recent years. Here, historian Dr Alun Withey looks back at the midth century 'golden age' for facial hair, and asks how today's trend compares…. Since aroundit seems, men have once again rekindled a love for their facial hair.

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Mustaches have been an iconic type of facial hair for centuries, but they've seen many different variations. From the "handlebar" to the "walrus," not every mustache is created equal. Medieval knights in England had armor literally designed to accommodate their mustaches.

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You may not think about your sideburns very often, but they are an important part of your hairstyle. Changing your sideburns can change your look and even alter the appearance of your facial structure. These photos of men with sideburns show that you can balance out your features and make your hairstyle stand out with just about any type of sideburn. According to Ask Mensideburns are named after Ambrose Everett Burnside, a civil war general and politician.

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The s were a decade known for experimentation with new styles and culture. Following World War II and the austerity years of the post-war period, the s were a time of comparative prosperity, which influenced fashion and the concept of glamour. Hairstylists invented new hairstyles for wealthy patrons.

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