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Oh, you touch my tralala Mmm, my ding ding dong La lalala lalala Oh, you touch my tralala La lalala lalala Mmm, my ding ding dong La lalala lalala

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Lil' Jon, Trina Yeah, man what's going on man It's really really pimpin' up in here man I know you ain't seen pimpin' in a long time man I've been MIA You know what I'm sayin' missin' in action I ain't been on no milk carton box But I've been milking and boxing these bitches 'Cuz they got to step they game up you know what I mean What you lookin' at Step yo game up! What you waitin' for Step yo game up! Go on come on in the door Step yo game up!

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Hit em with a magazine Make your sneakers lean roo! Cadillac diamond the back of that old school When I'm with my team Don't wanna fuck with the team Don't do that, know what I mean? She wanna fuck with a king, diamonds all bling Hood Pope doing his thing She wanna ride with the team, by any means Taking the bitch of your dreams Now that bitch my little queen, got her from Queens Might come in raw, with a G Gucci and Prada on her feet, designer her sheets A dollar sign A P I just robbed a lil' nigga and took that nigga bitch I just robbed a lil' nigga and took that nigga bitch I just robbed a lil' nigga and took that nigga bitch I just robbed a lil' nigga and took that nigga bitch We can touch the water, bitch I walk Walk on top of waterslime We can touch the water, bitch I walk Walk on top of water We can touch the water, bitch I walk Walk on top of waterslime We can touch the water, bitch I walk Walk on top of waterslime.

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Translate Email Print. Eulogy 2. Boundries Unknown 3. Open Wound 4.

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For Kids? Thanks Joe, if you have to tidy up. The thread on improper language brought this to mind.

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There are, it seems, many reasons to hate Mick Hucknall. He's arrogant, insincere, wealthy beyond our wildest dreams, a serial womaniser, a namedropper and — oh, the horror — red haired to boot. He's co-owned a restaurant with Sean Penn, had the gall to join the reformed Faces and sold over 50 million records of largely anodyne, dinner party soul.

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Subscribing Pass lost? Edit the lyrics Report an error. FILTHY For every child touched by her sacred tongue For every orgasm that's reached my ears For every night children lay to dream of her lust Fuck her to death That fucking bitch is gonna pay She's heartless - she's empty - she's hollow I shuved a vacuum through her cunt but nothing came out She can crawl into my bed but She can never crawl into my heart I'll be the last thing she sees before she dies Using a gun to stimulate her clit She's crying but I simply will not quit I pulled the trigger as her moans grew bigger I stared into her pretty eyes as I cut As I tear at her flesh and rip that fucking slut Tear at her flesh, rip that fucking slut x3 Rest in peace that fucking slut Bury her 6 feet closer to hell Fuck her to the grave Dig a ditch and bury the bitch 2.

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Description: I am a barely legal blonde and very promiscuous, especially at night. Hanging out with me is always an amazing non-rushed experience where you can relax and be yourself No hidden numbers calls Hello Gentleman. I'm definitely right choice for you if you want is class and elegance I am a very open minded, intelligent, elite and upscale well mannered girl I'm Katy, years old, from Latvia independent escort girl Contact me in advance. So please either register or login.

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The outspoken rocker has taken a dig at his sibling, while seemingly revealing new lyrics. Liam Gallagher has shared his excitement for his new album, and managed to throw in a dig at his siblings. Taking to Twitter, the former Oasis frontman let fans know he was "on his way," and went on to share plenty of thoughts about his debut solo LP.

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David Remnick believes that mat has thousands of variations but ultimately centers on those four words. All mat-words were included by the publisher Jan Baudouin de Courtenay in the 3rd and 4th editions of the Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Languagewhich was printed 4 times in — twice and in —, — The etymology of the term is unclear.


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