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Master supercar is fast, new and pretty car. Beautiful girl Is this the type of girl you like?

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To paraphrase George Dzunda's immortal line, Stone's vamp had "a magna cum laude pussy on her that done fried up [Michael Douglas'] brain". This is the new Nextel Blackberry??? Where are the new changes???

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This model girl posing with style and daring and hot to make it more interesting to be seen to promote a sponsored car. Post a Comment. Lamborghini engineers appear to be just ready with the replacement of the mighty supercar.

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The introduction of the McLaren S at the Geneva Motor Show marks the arrival of the second generation of machines from McLaren Automotivemodels that advance the cause of performance and showcase the brand's technical capabilities in new and surprising ways. While huge rear wings can be signifiers of ultra performance, McLaren is headed in the other direction, seeking to do the hard aerodynamic work beneath and even through the car's body, rather than above it. In this way, the S's styling represents a new evolution of McLaren's recognizable style, but in a way with less obtrusive aerodynamic devices. For example it takes in air for front brake cooling through vents by the headlights, and air exits in the hood divert air into a smooth flow over the windshield rather than bumbling straight into it.

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Girls3 MAY Lena Dunham 'Pregnant' Lena Dunham can't believe her eyes as she witnesses a homeless man relieving himself on the street. Schools No, schoolboys don't need to tell schoolgirls their 'idea of a perfect woman' An expert has written a book on how we can stop body image problems in young girls.

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If you ask me, I say Shelby is the hottest chick in town but Mustang fans say the SMS rivals her speed and beauty. The market is aggressively open to powerful cars pushing their way through the competition this time around, taking the automotive industry up more than a few notches to say the least. McLaren, Ferrari, Bugatti and oh yes, Mercedes all have their engines revved up ready to smoke the track, but what would a supercar list be without a Lamborghini?

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For decades, a sales technique at auto shows employs female models attired in tight dresses or miniskirts wearing uncomfortable heels, smiling and posing enchantingly. If they spoke at all, they recited from memorized scripts and seldom did they respond to questions. Since the earliest car trade shows, the models were eye candy who were hired to accentuate the cars and trucks on display and attract the attention of attendees.

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All rights reserved. More on this:. Space Junk.

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Forget about it. Ah, supercars! They are the thoroughbreds of the automotive world.

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