What is lacrosse?

In 1100 AD the indigenous people of North America were playing a game that later will be called lacrosse. Before being a game for fun activities, lacrosse was part of a ceremonial ritual. In that period existed multiple versions of lacrosse, the teams varying from 100 to 1.000 members for each team and the playfield was as far as 3km. The peak of lacrosse happened in 1904-1908 when the game was included in the Olympics. The first unified lacrosse organization in the US appeared in 1998 when multiple organization merged into US Lacrosse in Baltimore.

Modern lacrosse is a lot different from the first versions of the game, now each team consists of ten members. Each team consists of three attacks, three midfielders, three defensemen and a goalie.  The midfielders usually are required to run the entire field, covering an enormous area, as you might think, it’s a very demanding position, one must be in great shape to be a midfielder.

Lacrosse is played using a stick(lacrosse stick it’s his official name), with the length of 1 meter.